Adobe Creative Cloud

I have been speaking to many photographers around the UK and getting feedback from them regarding the move to Creative Cloud. I have been surprised by some reactions, people saying that they did not want to be blackmailed (very strong term), or held to ransom. Once I start to explain to them that Creative Cloud is a very positive way forward they start to understand.

For Photographers they are usually limited to Photoshop, but by being a member of Creative Cloud they have access to all other Adobe products at a fraction of the cost. This offers them the ability to tackle their photography design to the next level, they can start to use Premiere Pro for their short snippets of video, they can use iNDesign to create stunning works of art, brochures, business cards, they can then offer these facilities to their existing clients, opening up new opportunities to create another revenue stream for their business.

Many photographers work on both PC and Mac computers, with Creative Cloud you have access to both for one membership, you can download your PC applications and have them running alongside your Mac applications, with both systems being synchronised.

The benefits of Creative Cloud far outweigh the costs, which are very cheap considering the applicatios you can use.

Creative cloud is at

Check it out you will be amazed at what you will find.


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